Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One down. Ninety-nine to go.

My apologies for the mental vomit that occurred in yesterday's post. I had too many things in the caucus race going on in my brain, and if I didn't purge, I was going to lose it. (Apologies, again, for the mixed metaphor). Since those of you who are following this blog seem interested in the thought process, I thought I'd enlighten you. Surprisingly, that haphazard list actually seems to have helped. I am much more calm today than I was at this time yesterday.

At lunch (the time when I seem to always ambush him with wedding stuff), FP and I had a brief, but enlightening conversation about some of the issues of rentals, and how blasted expensive everything is! Those of you who might not know: it can cost $3 and more to rent a single chair for a single day. That seems preposterous to me. So I went back to an idea I had right at the very beginning of this adventure: to spend the next year collecting mismatched chairs and tables from anywhere I can find them for really, really cheap.

And, as seems to happen, once a decision has been made, it is either validated, or invalidated almost immediately. While on our way from school today, the boys and I spotted a perfectly servicable dining room chair sitting on the curb. Never one to take what doesn't belong to me, I went about some errand and returned. That chair was still waiting for me, now buried under some other stuff that was clearly set out for garbage. I unburied it, flipped it into my car, and have now officially begun the collection. This particular chair has a screw sticking out the bottom, and paint splotches of several colors on the back and the seat, but a little sandpaper, a can of spray paint, and an hour of time, and I've got a lovely chair that matches absolutely nothing. It's perfect.

One down, ninety-nine to go.


  1. Oh don't unleash my inner pack rat ...

  2. i love the eclectic chair idea!!!!! I LOVE ECLECTIC MISMATCHED THINGS!

  3. Sweetheart, TDW can lend you some chairs for your day should you need them.

  4. I wish we would of talked before I had the house packed - I'm sure I could of supplied you with quite a few things. I'm guessing you are having the wedding at your house?

  5. Thank you, Gretchen! That is really kind of you and TDW. I will let you know whether we will need to take you up on that offer.

    And, Megs, I know, but timing has never been my strong suit. At the moment, we ARE planning to host this shin-dig in our yard. More on that in another blogpost...

  6. Planning my wedding was the single most excrutiatingly traumatic experience of my relationship with my husband. Good luck :)
    Kate :)