Sunday, July 24, 2011

Overachievers Anonymous

Sometimes I get overwhelmed. Not for any other reason than suddenly it all seems like too much. I've had this problem a lot the last couple months. There has been too much to do, too much to decide, too much to think about. This blog has been one of those things that I have felt was just one thing too many.

Because I am an overacheiver, I have felt each time I post, that my post must say something that matters, something that helps make a decision, or explains a decision that has been made. I also have felt that a brief paragraph or two was not sufficient as a full-fledged blogpost. Now, I know that many, many blogs are made up of very short observations, but remember, I am an overacheiver. I have seldom been satisfied with what is "good enough," preferring, rather, to live up to my own standard, however ridiculous or overblown.

I have decided, in the interest of not shutting down "The Unanticipated Bride," that I will call some posts (if only to myself) "bloglettes," and accept that they needn't be essays. That way, I may post more often without the feeling of having failed at this task that I had intended to be an outlet for frustrations, not an additional one. So, forgive me if some subsequent posts are short. Forgive me if some posts resemble more the rantings of a lunatic rather than the cohesive thoughts of an intelligent human being. Forgive me if I don't always double-check for typos and misspellings. I will do my best to post at least a weekly bloglette, but somtimes I will forget, or run out of time, or just plain not feel like it. And I have decided that that's OK, too.

I have just re-read this post and realized that if you were to substitute the wedding planning for the blog-posting, the above all applies to that, too. My problems are clearly universal. I have got to chill out.

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  1. Yes you do!!! But we love you anyway!!!